Sylvan Township

Sylvan Township Estd. 1883

Consumers will be doing repairs this weekend, which will include flares

Starting on Monday, July 11th, Consumers Energy will be working at their Chelsea Valve Station at 2401 M-52 Chelsea, MI 48118 and the work will go through Tuesday July 12th.   After a recent inspection, Consumers energy discovered a valve issue that needs to be fixed.  Part of the process requires them to flare at the site. Flaring is the most environmentally safe way to release gas prior to work on the site.  During the flaring, carbon dioxide and water vapors will be released into the air.  In addition, there will be a constant loud sound similar to a jet engine throughout the flaring.  The sound becomes less of a nuisance the further you get away from the site.  Residents in the area may see two stacks on the site that stand 50-60ft into the air and the flaring will be high and visible at around 150-160 ft in the air.  Flaring will begin after setup.  Crew members will be on site at all times when Consumers Energy is flaring.

Public Safety, including the Washtenaw County Emergency Manager has been notified.  An Everbridge alert will be issued.