Sylvan Township

Sylvan Township Estd. 1883


Bob Scull, DPW Administrator


The Department of Public Works oversees the operation and maintenance of the township’s 0.600 mgd water treatment plant and water tower. The township water supply is provided by two well that supply water to the R/O treatment plant. After treatment, the water is stored in the township water tower.

Additionally, the DPW operates several sanitary lift stations and maintains the grinder pumps for homes located around Crooked and Cavanaugh lakes. The Township does not operate its own wastewater treatment facilities and sewage is pumped through a series of lift stations to the Leoni Waste Water Treatment Plant.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are Water and Sewer Bills Calculated?

Water and sewer bills go out quarterly and reflect usage for the last quarter. The water portion of the bill is based on consumption as recorded by the water meter. The only people that receive water from the township will receive a water bill. The sewer portion of your bill is based on a flat rate used to cover treatment and transportation costs.

How do I pay my Water Bills?

Water bills can be paid with auto-pay options or by check at Chelsea State Bank. Payments may also be placed in the drop box located in front of Township Hall.

Where can I access commonly used forms such as setting up auto-payment?

For commonly used forms such as change of address/ owner and forms or to set up an auto-payment options are available online.

Water Quality?

If you have any questions regarding water quality. The annual water quality report is posted on the township web page. The report lists the results of all testing done on the public water supply over the previous year.

Water Quality Report


The Depart of Public works office hours are Monday thru Thursday 9 am till noon.